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Thursday, March 29, 2018

Honor the Vietnam Vet Today

Vietnam ended before I was old enough to be drafted, but not by much. As my day for registering for the draft approached, I had many thoughts cross my mind.

I've known a few that served in Vietnam. One had a clerical position in Saigon. His description of the bizarre city it was showed even the "safe" rear areas were far from safe.

I worked with two Marines that served in combat. Neither had much to say about their experience, but after I commented about the behavior of one, the other said he would probably never be the same, since he had been captured by the Viet Cong and escaped. He didn't elaborate on what happened during his capture, but it was obvious it was far from pleasant.

I had a friend that was in the Cavalry. He told me a few stories, which described the organized chaos he faced daily. From boredom, to sheer terror, his year in country - which included the Tet Offensive - changed him forever.

Today is the day we remember those that served in Vietnam. They were never described as the greatest generation, but they were as great as those that served before them. They're aging, many are still bitter about the way they were treated when they returned, and all deserve respect. They served without being honored, yet their service was in honor to the United States.


  1. I got out of the Air Force 44 years ago! I am just now able to go all day and not think about that time. It stays with you! I'm not a hero. I went where they told me to go and did what they told me to do like the rest of the guys. Some got a lot closer to hell than I did.

    1. Vietnam proved that politicians are poor military leaders, and should be punished for their part in allowing an enemy to win.