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Thursday, March 22, 2018

It's Not Their Job

I have a problem with police officers that enrich municipal coffers by looking for the tiniest vehicle problem. That, and writing a citation for their perceived rolling of a stop sign, when it's completely a judgement call, and it costs time, and money, to defend against what is an obvious effort to add money to a municipal budget.

This has gone on since it was determined you can rape the public with hired police officers. It needs to stop, and citizens need a method of relief from what would be considered organized crime in the private sector.


  1. When have you ever known of the police preventing a crime? They show up in time to interview the survivors, get to shoot unarmed people and get away with it because the "thought they saw a weapon" and harass whoever they want with impunity. They can lie legally, ignore the constitution, and retire at full pay and benefits after 20 years! Men of good conscience usually quit law enforcement when they discover how corrupt it is. The police are no better than the criminals most of the time.