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Tuesday, March 13, 2018

We Didn't Have Spring Break

I never even heard of Spring Break, until I was an adult. We didn't have it in school, and when I did hear of it, it had something to do with universities.

Now, all schools seem to take a Spring Break. I'm guessing it's a subtle long term effort to come up with another national holiday, which allows another reason to not work, and retail outlets to peddle their wares with false guarantees of the lowest prices all year. 

Time will tell.


  1. We always thought of it as Easter break. Of course, it actually centered around Easter. I do admit to spending a week in Myrtle Beach with my friends during college years, but the statute of limitations has long ago expired.

    1. You can count your blessings on that. It would be embarrassing to find you photo in the post office.