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Saturday, August 10, 2013

A Quick Analysis of Single Payer Healthcare

The volumes of information on single payer healthcare are too large to ever read. So, what can a logical person use to decide whether about such a system?

I'll make it easy: The government decides on your healthcare with a single payer system. The same government that allowed an ambassador to be murdered in Benghazi. The same government that allows the I.R.S. to use their power to remove the rights of citizens. The same government that allows a sitting President to piss off billions on vacations, payoffs to special individuals, useless trips all over Hell's half acre to run his mouth and allowing his own administration to run roughshod over the people that pay his salary. The same government that's trillions of dollars in debt because they're as fiscally responsible as an alcoholic in a liquor store.

There's your answer. If you think the feckless government is good for taking care of your healthcare, single payer is the way to go. If you have more brains that a tree frog, the mention of a single payer healthcare system should make you want to fire your elected politicians and find people that aren't not scum-sucking bottom feeders.


  1. Simpler:
    Single Payer Health Care is whatever King Obama says it is.

    The hell with laws passed by representatives of the people.

    1. Single Payer is the clinical method a despot uses to remove detractors. The entire idea is horrifying to anyone with rational thought.