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Friday, August 16, 2013

I Wonder How It Feels?

Obama is playing golf, lounging around, yucking it up with his good time buddies, pissing off money to fly his dog to Martha's Vineyard and the unrest in Egypt has led to the deaths of hundreds. The entire shitty mess was stirred by Obama at the first of his term as President and he has a responsibility, which he seems to be ignoring.

I wonder how it feels to be such an incompetent President, the world laughs at you, the majority of the citizens reject your legislation and the only legacy will be of fecklessness, arrogance and corruption? I know how I would feel. I doubt he has a clue.


  1. To answer your question "how does he feel". He feels great.

    He's black, so he's got a huge following.

    He's black, so he feels he deserves the money he's getting.

    He's black, so he doesn't mind shafting whitey.

    I'd say he feels pretty damn good.

    1. I think his ethnic origins may accentuate his feelings, but there's something much more wrong with his thinking. I'm betting a psychiatrist could make a career just treating Obama for his mental illness.