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Friday, August 16, 2013

Rodeo Clown

I wonder what would happen if everyone that attended a rodeo wore an Obama Mask? Would it cause such a reaction that a substantial amount of the President's fan club would have chest pains and require hospitalization? I'd like to find out.


  1. Oh Jess. OH JESS. I have been getting pissed beyond all reason ever since poor Trayvon became the Obama's boy. One of them walked off with my outdoor stuff I PAID for. And he still does the "slow stroll" past our house and he doesn't even live in this community! NO ONE SAYS NO TO THEM!! They no longer ask. They DEMAND, and I'm sick of all these "yes, I'll kiss your a$$) white people who shove the rest of us into kneeling positions.

  2. I come from humble ancestry. There was no inherited wealth, hard work was a necessity and servants, whether indentured, or bought were not a part of the lives of my ancestors. If anything, some of my ancestors were forced into servitude to pay a debt.

    When you add I was raised to respect everyone, the expectation I somehow owe anyone anything is insulting. Those that flaunt a lifestyle of entitlement, thievery and arrogance only infuriates me. Thin skinned reactions to comedy only increases the anger.

    Those that perpetuate the myth that the color of MY skin makes me a patsy for their shenanigans are fools if they think their actions will continue forever. I'm not alone with my opinion and it crosses all racial, ethnic and religious boundaries.

    Enough is enough.

  3. I grew up in the shadow of Chicago, (my ancestry is primarily from Ireland arriving in America as Potato Famine refugees and no slaves were ever owned in my family either) but my childhood stomping grounds were the "slums" of a very affluent neighborhood. My parents, having committed the social faux pas of a bygone era of conceiving a child (me) out of wedlock, were thrown out of family favor and I grew up in *gasp* the apartments!

    While modern "diversity" training tries to make me wear a "white guilt backpack of privilege" I decry doing so as loudly as possible. I did not have an easy childhood. I was teased by non white wealthy children of many nationalities daily for living in a "dirty, unsafe apartment complex" and called the "Kmart Kid" because my parents couldn't afford to buy my clothes and school supplies at high end department stores. My father worked two jobs sometimes and my mother worked part time once I was old enough to babysit my brother after school. By the time my parents could afford to move out of the apartments, I was old enough then to have to take over all the household chores so both my parents could work full time. By the time my brother was old enough to care for himself I was 16. I got my own job then and though I still lived at home and borrowed my parents car, I paid for everything else of my own; contacts, cosmetics & hygiene products, clothes, lunches at school, school supplies, any any "fun" activities. My family paid nothing for my education as well. All on me, grants, loans, and scholarships. When I have failed in life, there were no hand outs, and for a while when things were really bad before my divorce, when I did ask for help, I felt like complete and total shit. I hated debasing myself and groveling. I still hate not being able to fully support myself. That feeling is what keeps me going when school and the demands of motherhood and life in general get overwhelming. I simply can't remain a burden on others. I must get myself back on track. No one should be responsible for me but me.

    So, when people tell me that being white has made my life one of luxury and privilege I smile politely, mentally wrestling with the urge to throttle them to a bloody pulp and say, "Go jump in a lake with a large anvil tied to your leg."

    I'll get down off my soapbox now.

  4. I wish I had the concession on Obama masks...