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Sunday, August 18, 2013

Let's Be Fair

I think every TSA and other security worker needs a full search daily, including a body cavity search to insure they haven't crossed to the dark side and are now an enemy. They can be cautious; we can be sure.

So, who do we assign this task? I think people over sixty, with a prosthesis and an attitude is a good start. They have a better understanding of what's required to insure a logical determination. If there aren't enough, Alzheimer's patient are next. We'll just have to hire a few people to document the work.


  1. When I was a young, sexy looking 39 years old, I had to have an ileostomy to keep me alive. You have NO idea how horrifying it would be for me to be scanned, then carted off so someone could check me out.

    Hell! They once carted me off in Indianapolis for carrying a bomb and it was just a piece of equipment for making greeting cards!

    WHY oh WHY don't you have more readers? For your next post, I'm going to link you up in MY post. I don't have that many readers myself, and your blog is listed on my sidebar, but who ever looks at it? Obviously no one.

  2. I have a handful of readers and a few dozen bots daily. I catch a few of the bots and keep them in a box.

    I haven't quite decided what to do with the bots, and I'm considering them as Christmas presents. They'd make wonderful presents, if you like creepy electronic spiders wandering all over your house and screwing with the electronics.

  3. Great idea, Jess. I nominate Joy (above) for the job. Just write, they will come. Keep the bots. I've plenty of mine own...

  4. Lotta, you have a ton of commenters!
    Jess, all my bots are focused on a post from a few months ago titel "The Communist".
    Uh oh. Here they come.

    1. Ed, if YOU ever leave a comment, I'll know I'm up for a blog oscar.

    2. I occasionally comment, Lotta, but usually by the time I get there all the good comments are spoken.