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Monday, April 30, 2012

Diners, Dives and......

...I'm hungry, although I just ate.

There's a show on The Food Channel that has the host (I can never remember his name; Guy something...I think) traveling all over the United States trying out different restaurants (diners, dives and drive-ins) and showcasing the specialties on the menu. After watching this show quite a few times, I realize that no matter what other shows they have, or how elaborate the item may be, this show is what makes me hungry.

It's not fast food, high end dining, or presumptious. It's mostly comfort food and fresh. In a perfect world, I'd have the resources to try these different restaurants. Since it's not a perfect world, I'll just drool and dream.


  1. Guy Pietti- or something like that.

    He was a winner on one of the first "Be a Food Network Star".

    I kind of like him, but not the show,

  2. I didn't pay much attention the first time I watched the show, but the food caught my attention. While I don't think I'd like all the food - especially food overspiced with jalepeno, or other hot spices - some of the burgers, and home style cooking looks damn good. It's the type of food that makes for a good meal on a lazy day.

  3. I love that show. I also like the way he digs into the food. I wish I had his job.

  4. I couldn't be an official food taster. A few weeks with that job would require a wheelbarrow to move my fat ass around.