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Monday, April 30, 2012

I Love New Toys

Not really a toy, but new. Less than 120 hours, which means it's only been in service for a few months.

The computer is new, so I had to spend a few minutes verifying the commands. It's more user friendly and has more information on the screen.

The cab, and rest of the instrumentation, is almost identical to those I've run before, but one noticeable thing is the instant fuel consumption. Average was around 2 gallons every hour. (Yeah, I know that doesn't sound like much, but that's over sixty bucks added to the rental cost for the day.)

We'll only have it for a few days, so the fun won't last.

The air conditioning sure feels good.

* - I need to add what type of machine this is. It's a Todano rough terrain crane, with a maximum lift capacity of 50 tons. While that sounds like a lot of weight, the crane can only lift that much weight within a few feet of the machine.

My extreme lift today was around 3000 pounds at 90 feet. The computer constantly beeped at me the enitire lift warning me that I was pushing the envelope and would shut down the crane if I tried to reach any further.

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