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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

GSA Problem

There's a huge investigation over the GSA Vegas extravaganza, which is good, except this is only a tiny amount of waste government employees cause daily. I'm hoping the proposed criminal charges stick and the house of cards starts falling on bureaucrats in all agencies. Why? I haven't had a raise in years; the cost of living is skyrocketing; fuel is too expensive;the dollar is devalued ( thanks to the fed and the debt), and the federal government is out of control. It's time for accountability and it's time for this crap to stop -  forever.

Am I mad? I'm furious and I have no compassion for anyone that draws a paycheck simply because our society is still polite enough to allow confiscatory taxes without responsible behavior by our government.  I've worked my ass off for years, while political pogues lived like royalty and gave money to those that don't deserve it.

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