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Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Heat, Sweat and Lot's Of Water

We've been starting work around 4:00 am to beat the sun, but we can't beat the heat. Eighty degrees with eighty percent humidity means you sweat profusely before the sunrise and the overall effect is almost as bad as the heat with the sun and lower humidity.

I did a rough estimate of how much liquid I drink each day. From my rough calculations, it's somewhere around 160 ounces, which is only what's needed for replacement.

My clothes stay soaked. Sweat literally runs out of my hard hat like a slow faucet. If I don't take pills to replace the minerals I lose, I will cramp so bad I can't function.

For those that love the summer, I don't think you'd have such a fondness for the season if you worked in it for up to 12 hours each day, with the same conditions I face daily.


  1. If you want me to mind my own business, no problem, but I would take a magnesium and potassium supplement if I were you. If those get low not only will you cramp, you could have a "cardiac event". a irregular heart beat will give you a heart attack real quick! salt tablets ain't enough! the rat

    1. I take around 6 supplements each day, just to keep up. We buy boxes of Medi-Lyte, which I didn't even know existed, until about a year ago.

      That's not meddling, that's life saving advice. My brother died of a heat stroke. It didn't matter he was in very good physical condition. When it hit, he passed the point of return before anyone found him.

  2. I have a similar love for winter.

    1. That's the way it is, unless you live in some places in California, which you pay dearly to inhabit.

  3. I could not do what you do. I get cranky when it tops 80. Which is why I choose to live as far north as I can get and not be in Canada or Alaska.

    We whined and complained and sweated and broke down and turned the AC on at 9:30 yesterday morning after doing some much needed housework and it was only 70 with 98% humidity. Even I had to admit it seemed pretty stupid to turn on the AC and have to set it for 69. But, it sure made everyone happier.

    Gimme my 40 below. I can always put on a wool sweater and a down parka. However, even being naked won't make you feel better when it's hot and humid.

  4. We've been running about 50% humidity in the afternoons, with a temperature of around 98, which is the official temperature at the airport, where nobody lives.

    My infrared thermometer showed a temperature of around 100 at eye level. At waist level, it's around 105. Near the concrete paving, it's around 115 and the paving is 130 degrees.