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Monday, July 1, 2013

Project Plans

I've seen many sets of project plans. Usually, my first experience with the plans is during the bidding process. Looking through the plans reveals what's there and what they want to be there....if the engineer is worth their salt.

I'm looking through some plans that should require an engineer to be flogged in public at 12:00 noon. He should be ashamed. While I know he had underlings perform the actual preparation, he stamped the damn things. That makes him responsible.


  1. I once flew, road buses and drove to a mountaintop in Turkey with my crew, only to find that the floorplan that showed a wall to mount the rack of equipment in front of actually had an air handler there.
    We soon after began a "pre-installation" survey to assure that when a crew got somewhere, the equipment would be there waiting, and all else would be kosher.
    What did your guy do? Or was it just general shoddiness?

    1. There's too much on each sheet, the phase contemplation is confusing and there are multiple centerline stations, since the project is main lanes, exits, service roads and different maintenance sections. All of these problems make the bidding difficult and the actual project will probably have numerous change orders.