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Wednesday, July 3, 2013

If I Had My Druthers

Military families and service personnel will not have their usual 4th of July celebrations.  It's due to the budget cuts, which are always necessary....however those wouldn't be my choices.

I'd rather see the air conditioning turned off in all D.C. buildings, the removal of any vacation perks for any member of our government, the end of all junkets for any reason and the layoff of 1/2 the staffs of all members of Congress.

After that, the removal of all members of the First Lady's entourage, the downsizing of Air Force One to what is essential for the President and Secret Service members only,  and elimination of collective bargaining by Federal employees.(They work for me, not some pogue that benefits from the agreements.)

I think we need a new law. While I'm no fan of new laws, since we have too damned many, this law is more than important: A law that proportions the salaries of all federal employees to inflation.

This law will mandate that compensation will reflect inflation rates. If the value of the dollar drops, so do salaries. Otherwise, if they want to allow the Fed to print money, which reduces the value of the dollar by 10%, their compensation drops by 10%. That would be fair and make them think twice about who they allow to dick around with our economy.

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