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Sunday, July 21, 2013

This Is Bothering Me

It's pretty well disappeared from the media outlets, but President Obama made a comment about Trevon could have been him 35 years ago. That's enlightening and troubling.

First, if he knew all that was known about Trevon Martin, he knew that Trevon was known to use illegal drugs, suspected of criminal activities and belligerently anti-social. While everyone has the options to choose their own life, the choice - at best - leads to an unproductive life and a possible long time in prison. Is that what he was trying to relate as similar?

If he was ignorant of Trevon Martin's history, and still decided to remark, without any foresight of the ramifications of pointing out his similarities, that too is very disturbing.  The President is responsible for all that happens due to his words, or actions. Just uttering that short sentence led to unfruitful commentary and criminal actions.

We have an amateur President and an amateur administration. That's a major concern during times when exceptional leadership and administrative actions are mandated. In this environment, only an exceptional legislative branch can reduce the harm. As of this point, I'm not seeing enough exceptional leadership in Congress. Hopefully, the mid-terms will bring more of what's required to return the United States to the role of leadership.That leadership is only continued by example. The example we now portray is of bumbling incompetence.


  1. It seemed to me that the remarks you speak of were designed to toss some more logs on an already raging fire. Any leader worth his salt would be doing his level best to put that fire out and call for peace and unity among those he leads. Unless divide and conquer is part of his agenda, which is the only thing that makes any sense of such irresponsible talk.

    1. Exactly. The well-being of a nation is dependent on the wisdom of its leaders. I'm not finding those leaders and it leads to a wondering of what will come from their lack of abilities.