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Sunday, July 14, 2013

Some Advice for George Zimmerman

You probably don't read my blog, but here's some advice:

Don't stop. Put your legal team to work on suing the pants off the media outlets, professional agitators and even the U.S. government for circumventing your rights for a fair trial and attempting to ruin your life for their personal gain. Play rough. Go for the gonads and show only as much mercy as they showed you. Damned good attorneys will stand in line for the opportunity to represent you on contingency.

Allow someone to write your official biography. People are interested, will buy your book and you'll need the money to remain anonymous, or afford security in your now public life.

Go on television. Be truthful, humble and cry every now and then so the ladies realize they were wrong in judging you as a ruthless vigilante.

You have a short window to take advantage of what there is to be had. Use it, or you'll never have the chance again.


  1. I am afraid for Mr. Zimmerman now that the legal system has exonerated him of this attempted prosecution of a "thought crime" in the guise of social justice. I am sure he just wants to live his life with what ever freedom he can retain.

  2. Best defense is a good offense...