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Friday, July 5, 2013

The Wounded Leviathan

The current administration arbitrarily decided to not enforce the employer part of the Affordable Care Act for one year after the time stated by the law. Otherwise, for whatever reason, they've decided to not enforce laws they swore to follow, until a time when it's more convenient, or for political gain.

Since they've decided to do this - and it might not happen - a tremendous amount of projected revenue from employers will not arrive to help finance the gluttonous bureaucracy and add to the abysmal debt we already face.

To add insult to injury, the individual mandate will remain. Otherwise, some people will be really, really surprised when they have a tax deficiency, or find their anticipated refund won't happen in early 2015. To make this worse, with the extra time, employers will have time to pare their workforce to part time, or eliminate as many jobs necessary to survive.

What could go wrong? More debt? More economic burdens on employers? Less hours and jobs for individuals? Less income, since even the youngest of workers will now pay for insurance, whether they want to, or not?

Hang on. The leviathan is thrashing, struggling to survive and mortally wounded. I doubt it succumbs quietly.

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  1. Yeah, but how much damage it causes in it's death throes is what all we little folk have to watch out for. And, what comes afterward.