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Saturday, July 13, 2013

The Jury Reached a Verdict

George Zimmerman is now free....somewhat. The media attention, threats against his life and constant future threats now mean he is not free; and never will be.

CNN published Zimmerman's social security number, so he now faces identity theft and all the problems associated with the crime. I doubt the government will help him. In fact, I think they'll persecute him until another political power is in office.

Zimmerman won't be able to get into his car, drive to the store and buy a loaf of bread. His life is ruined and there's nobody to blame, except the media, the government and the thugs that make up the race-baiters that make millions from perpetuating race hatred.

I've written before of how the alphabet networks are one of the biggest problems this nations faces. Do your part and don't watch. They can't exist without your participation and you're the only one that can make that difference.


  1. It is sad that Mr. Zimmerman will carry a target on his back even though he has been found not guilty of all charges. Seems to me that there should be some consequences for those in the mainstream media who tried, convicted and hung this man from the nearest tree even before his trial started. Same goes for those who call for even more race hatred. Shame on them.

  2. He'll write a book, make appearances, and gear up for the civil suits, I imagine.
    As for the alphabet networks, I never watch.
    Unfortunately, I don't not watch enough because they haven't closed there doors yet.