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Sunday, July 7, 2013

When It Comes Right Down To It

Very few people give a shit, when it comes right down to it. Friends have stipulations, family is a big maybe and you might find a total stranger does more for you than anyone else.

That's part of life. You learn to be self-sufficient, roll with the punches, throw a few of your own and eventually find your old ass is laying in a bed damned near helpless.

Be kind to people. You might have to depend on them one day.


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  2. Damn. This is timely. I have a post ready to go along with my bro CnC regarding someone on their last stages.

    This just less than four months after my brothers assisted our long lost cousin die from esophageal cancer.

    You'd also be surprised at what you can do when you are there I'm the last days and hours or someone's life.

    You experience the worst and best life has to offer. Or surrender.