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Saturday, July 6, 2013

Some Things Are Only Learned By Experience

I woke this morning, looked at the sky; looked at the atmosphere; felt the temperature and determined which the direction the wind was blowing.

The atmosphere was very clear.The sky had occasional low scud clouds and the temperature was in the mid 70's. The wind was from the east.

What does this mean? The clearing atmosphere means the air is rising. The temperature means somewhere rain is cooling the air. The scud clouds mean the weather is changing and the east wind is not a good sign. We call this hurricane weather down in this part of the country.

I checked the weather service. Way down in the Gulf of Mexico, near the Bay of Campeche is the center of low pressure area. The winds are rising and the convection around the center is becoming pronounced.

We have a storm brewing. The forecasters don't think it will develop, due to the upper level winds. They do think it will drift northward and eventually cross the lower Texas coast or into Mexico. This will bring rain, which we need, but not all at once.

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