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Saturday, July 13, 2013


The last few days have brought a lot of memories of summer. For a few seconds yesterday, everything fell into place and I was returned to 40 years ago, when I was much younger.

The event that brought back the memories was driving along, the windows rolled down, the smells of hot asphalt, fresh cut grass, the older houses, the color of the sky and the lack of reference to the present. I was pulled back to a time where life was almost completely in front of me. The same wonder, new experiences and feeling of contentment returned for a few brief minutes.

It's hard to explain memories. They're so much more than what was seen, or heard. They're the entire moment; every sense was involved and there are few words to describe the changes of temperature on the skin, the certain blue of the sky, the faint odor of food cooking, or the dim noises heard in the background. It's too intense to relate with only words.

Life is such a precious experience and too easy to live without taking note of every moment. I need to focus more on every moment and remember all I can. They're all I was, I am and ever will be.

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