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Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Pushing Back

There are numerous videos floating around the internet of people promoting their rights. They're angry because politicians decided to ignore the Constitution and enact strict gun laws. Not only is the United States Constitution being ignored, similar Constitutions in states are also being ignored.

People are pushing back. They're watching politicians skating around laws, breaking laws, and ignoring the people that pay their salary, who are becoming more determined to change what they consider a direct attack against their liberty. Even the President is promoting restricting the rights of people to protect themselves and their property. He stands in front of hired policemen in an effort to bully, but doesn't realize he's outnumbered by the majority of the citizens; including law enforcement officials that are part of the community they represent. His opinion is in the minority.

Things change due to things of this nature. The bully pushes, and is pushed back. This emboldens the perceived weak person and they push back again, and again, until the bully is put in their place, knows they've crossed the line and is now forced to accept they are perceived as weak and cowardly.

Nobody likes a bully and governments that bully are the least liked.

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