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Sunday, February 3, 2013

Some Thoughts for Today

The Affordable Healthcare Law has a lot of opponents. Some have received exemption, or compromises on some sections, yet there are no real compromises. Most people have to pay for insurance, or pay a fine, which I'm guessing will be thrown into the public coffers, like Social Security payments, and the government will continue to borrow more money for foolish decisions; even if the expenditures have nothing to do with my health; including wasted jet fuel so an arrogant President can piss off public money for personal reasons.

From my vantage point, there are no compromises. I follow the rules, regardless of how much I disagree and face economic ruin, or imprisonment, if I fail to give the government the money. Now, I could refuse to work, become indigent and I'll have all the substandard care I can accumulate. I can become emotionally detached, find a doctor to agree that I'm disabled by my disorder and a good attorney will eventually get me a disability, with all the substandard medical care available, plus a monthly check.

So, there's no compromise. I pay, or give up my liberty. I can't disagree by withholding funds to what I consider tyranny. I'm forced to adjust my life, reduce the funds I need to survive and go along with a law that was signed by foolish Congress members that didn't even read the act. Even worse, I'll be forced to accept the lowering of health care standards, while those that write the laws are exempt, amass huge fortunes due to their office and will have the best healthcare money can buy. My insurance costs, or fines will increase, yet I will continue to pay all increases through laws they enact to prolong their lifestyle.

So, if you have any idea what I'm writing about, I hope you understand how your life, and the life of your descendants, is now less important to those that accrued power. When the money becomes less available, the cuts will start with the few that are obese, or substance abusers. Eventually, the old will be faced with the hard fact their ailments are secondary to those of somebody younger. Their importance is removed; all of their experiences in life will be expendable so those that could benefit from the knowledge can survive in a country with dwindling resources, except for the ruling class of people that are supposedly elected to represent their constituents.

Meanwhile, the general public wanders through life in ignorance. They'll watch the Super Bowl today, eat some chips, drink some beer and never realize they could change the entire direction of the United States by refusing to participate, turning off the television and writing a letter to their Congressional representatives. They control the media, yet the're willing to let the media control them.

So, this country is getting what it deserves. I'll look for other ways to make my life better, continue to write and constantly shake my head at the woeful lack of consideration by most people in this country. It sucks because you allowed it to get this way. You're being punished for your silence and can only blame yourself for your misery.  

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