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Friday, February 8, 2013

Where The Hell are the Unicorns?

The carrier, USS Abraham Lincoln, will not be refueled as planned, due to the budget problems facing the Navy. It's the halfway point of the career, which is when they perform major maintenance items and refuel.

So, one of our super carriers is basically on standby at the pumps. You'd think with all that deck space, they could keep a herd of unicorns on deck to supply fuel as needed.

Oh yeah. Biden got a raise. I wonder how they could afford that?


  1. Congress gave themselves raises as well. Way to lead!

  2. It's like golf courses on military bases and the five star hotels of military officers. They've developed a sense of entitlement that's not warranted, or the result of sound decisions.

    Things always change, but too many people suffer for no logical reason.

  3. Things always change, like carriers that used to receive so much respect and awe, to becoming an empty dance floor. I wonder when the first congressional party will be thrown on its deck.

    But Congress NEEDS the pay raise since they've raised taxes. THAT will never change.

  4. The majority of Congress are egotistical pinheads. They need to be kicked out.