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Friday, June 22, 2012

CBS, Pathos and Culpability

Obama was in Florida addressing the Latino Officeholders, whatever that is. His usual rhetoric was towards lambasting his opponent and his supposed concern for Latino people of the United States. How do I know this? That was the lead story on CBS news tonight, which neglected to mention anything about the Fast and Furious debacle.

The irony is thick, especially when you consider that Obama's concern is so great, he's helping conceal the officials involved with helping Mexican criminals acquire guns. That's true concern; help these criminals acquire guns so they can kidnap whoever they please, tie them up and then garotte them until their heads are  severed. These, they scatter in various places to intimidate anyone that has any intention in stopping their criminal activities.

CBS is culpable, in my opinion. Neglecting to report is as heinous as the criminal acts. Boycott them, their advertisers and write them a nasty letter if you feel it's necessary. They should be held responsible and suffer the consequences of their obvious political manipulations.


  1. Aaaah. He's just being the greatest president....just like he promised...CHA CHA CHANGES.

    shoot me now, since no one can shoot him....should I have said that?

  2. Obama is nothing but a pretentious candidate groomed to constantly run for office. His handlers, and financial supporters, don't want anyone with a conscience or smart enough to know how pathetic they are.

    This administration make the Carter administration look like a fine tuned machine. It's completely out of control, will fail and the United States will suffer due to its failure to demand the citizens do more than look for a way to milk the system.