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Friday, June 29, 2012

Today Is A Good Day For A Rant

I'll start with the Obamacare fiasco. All the hype, crap, lies, posturing, politics, bureaucracy and incompetence doesn't change the fact that the Constitution doesn't need to be interpreted and is not a living document. It's well written, concise and I don't need anyone to decipher what I consider as comprehensive text. If anyone has any uncertainty, go read The Federalists Papers and see what was on the mind of those that wroted (Even my computer is giving me a rations of crap. What happened to spell check?) wrote the document. If you're too lazy to do so, stay home on election day and play with your genitals.

Next rant is about people that put bumper stickers with phrases like: "Follow me to the __________Casino. First of all, you're not going in the right direction. Second,: You can't stay in your lane. Third: It would be a wise decision to forego your next trip to the casino and fix your damn car. If I owned a casino, I'd fire the first person that suggested this type of bumper sticker.

Last for now: When I order something at your counter, and I end with "to go", don't ask me "Is this for here, or to go?" You might as well throw ice water on me. Pay attention.

Also: Coke and root beer are two distinctly different soft drinks. I don't care much for root beer and you ruined my lunch. Remember, I know where you live.


  1. Drive thu is the worst. They open with their offer of the day. You tell them exactly what you want and they reply "would you care for our......whatever"
    Then they repeat your order with the wrong number of items and total the bill at twice what your original order would have cost.

    Then you pull up to the window and get what the person in front of you must have ordered.

    OR: and this happened Sunday. We go INSIDE and I order chicken livers. I GET a plate of OLD livers, hard and dry and black in places. I send it back and I can hear the teenager in charge challenge the waitress: "Just WHAT does she think chicken livers are supposed to look like?"

    I could have ripped the ring out of his nose at that point.

  2. I once had a drive-through voice ask me if my order was "for here or to go".

  3. Ha! Also, when you walk into the fast food place, alone, with a list in hand and order food for everyone at work.

    "For here? Or to go?"
    "Here obviously. I am going to eat all eighteen cheeseburgers with fries all by myself..."

  4. You appear to have an uncanny ability to peer into my brain and transcribe my thoughts. Have you seen the commercial playing that quotes Our Dear Leader saying the health care reform bill "is not a tax?" Apparently the bozos which call themselves our government can't even be bothered to get their stories straight. But this is your rant, not mine....

  5. I've watched both sides argue over whether it's a penalty or a tax. The Supreme Court says it's a tax, so it's a tax. Belly up to the bar Obama and accept your fate.