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Sunday, June 10, 2012

Getting Old Is Not for Amateurs

That's my opinion. Things ache, won't move like they would, or something new will develop without warning.

The current "new" thing is a dull ache in my right thigh. In a scale from one to ten, it's a constant three, with times it reaches a 5. Otherwise, it's annoying, but that's not what really bothers me: I have no idea why, can't think of anything I've done to strain muscles and scanning the internet only reveals there are a few dozen things that can cause the pain.

So, Bleh. Getting old sucks.


  1. Believe me when I tell you I hear you. When I stop and figure out all the little things that are bothering me, I get depressed. No wonder I sleep better with Tylenol.

  2. I use Aleve. Tylenol doesn't do much of anything.

  3. Anything but acetaminophen is right out for me - anything else screws up the blood thinners I've gotta take.

  4. And here I sit with pains that never go away and more things land and join hands...Growing old is definitely for the young and strong.