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Friday, June 8, 2012

Leaky Whitehouse

News reports are stating there's a concern by members of Congress, and the general public, about sensitive information appearing in the media. The source is unknown and the reaction by the Obama administration gave me some thoughts. I can see three different reasons for these leaks and none are comforting.

One reason could be an intentional effort for political gain. If so, that would explain the lack of enthusiasm by the administration and justice department to find the leak. That, to me, borders on treason. When your violate your breach of trust for gain, you've crossed the line; especially when that trust involves swearing to uphold the Constitution.

Another reason is an intentional effort by an individual, or group, to cause political harm to this administration. This one doesn't fit. If this was so, there would be a strong effort to root out the leaks and a special prosecutor to insure a non-partisan investigation. This isn't happening, although it may in the future.

The third reason, which may be the most disturbing, is a combination of ignorance and an effort to hide this fact.  Otherwise, somebody leaked classified information, had no idea it was classified and now the administration is downplaying the event, making efforts to hide any information and hoping it will all go away.

Whatever the reason, it's not good. The leaks aren't new and the administrations failure to control this potential danger to United States citizens is reprehensible.


  1. And the answer is? Badaboom! Number one! Where's my prize?

  2. Eric Holder is supposedly launching an investigation, which probably won't find much, unless his hot seat gets hotter and he needs a diversion.

  3. "I'm shocked, shocked to find that (leaking) is going on in here!"
    Let's see, chief narcissist bragging about efforts, false flag op, or simple mistake.
    Hmmmm.....uh...gimme a minute here...ummmmm...