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Monday, June 4, 2012

It's Not The Twilight Zone....Is It?

My day started off with finding road kill on the job; big road kill. I won't go into details, although somebody has a vehicle that needs a substantial amount of repairs.

Next, I was trying to travel down the highway to a supplier, but Mr. Magoo, (that's what he looked like in his rear view mirror) and his entourage decided that 65 mph was too excessive, so they kept both lanes to a saner 45 mph.   I did manage to exit before they ventured into the "real" traffic area, where people are not kind., although I'm sure they didn't pay attention to that traffic either.

To embellish this strange morning, I found my way to an intersection that was originally only controlled by stop signs. Now they have traffic signals, which like all traffic signals, have bright lights, in various colors, that can be seen for miles down the road. Unfortunately, the local officials didn't feel the general public had enough sense to make the transition, so every intersection had an electronic changeable message board to warn the general public. While I can understand some concern, it escapes me why this would be any different than driving through a town you never drove through. Then again, I took driver's education, which stipulated I needed to pay attention to the lights - if I wanted to keep my license.

The morning ended with a pickup and some local municipal workers wrestling the ripe road kill into the bed of their pickup for disposal. I was a quarter mile away, so I wasn't expected to take part in the process.... thank goodness. Been there; have the t-shirt and it's not for those with a weak stomach.

So, after observing a eclipse of the moon, I should have known it would be a strange morning. It was and the day isn't over.


  1. And you owe it all to Mr. Magoo. Goeth and apologize for everything you probably called him.

  2. I was more amazed than angry. It was rush hour, and traffic was creeping due to Mr. Magoo and another driver that was pacing in the left lane. I really don't know if they were intending to travel together, but they were and traffic was backed up behind.