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Thursday, June 14, 2012

Lightning to the North

This time of the year, we get clusters of thundershowers that follow low pressure impulses that travel along the boundary between the warm, moist air from the Gulf and the cool, drier air from the North. They migrate to the South and sometimes reach the coast.

This morning, there's a fair sized cluster heading this way. The storms aren't real violent, so the system is on the down side, although it could become more intense as it interacts with the coast. Still, the lightning is something to watch and the possible shot of nature's air conditioning might bring some welcome relief.


  1. Rolling thunder, lightning and rain hit here at 3am but I slept through it. After Joe told me about it, I jumped on him for not waking me up so I could have listened to it.

  2. Listening to thunder can be pleasant, but the huge gust of cool wind before a storm is hard to beat. In the summer, it can end hours of heat and sweat.

  3. I love storms, possibly since we've never had any real damage from them. Nothing better than sitting in the dark, watching the light show and counting how many times the cat freaks out and runs under the couch.
    The record is five.