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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Little Known Facts

We worked in a tourist bureau today, replacing some pipe that was damaged by a half asleep, derelict truck driver that should learn to drive  had a difficult time negotiating a half acre of open parking turn into the parking area.

It was an interesting day. Tourists were everywhere; snapping photos of family members standing in front of the huge galvanized steel star in the front. What really caught my attention was a sign in a grass area with these words: "Pet Rest Area", which is a euphemistic way of stating your pet can crap anywhere they want.

So, if you've ever wondered on how friendly Texas really is, remember you only have to get a few thousand feet inside the border and there's an open area where your pet can take a dump without anyone getting angry.

You're welcome. Buy some gas. It helps pay for this kindness.


  1. What I like are the rest areas on US287 around Quanah that warn people to watch out for rattlers.

  2. The tourist bureau/rest area I was at has walkways that extend into the adjacent swamp, which has alligators, cotton mouths and many other unpleasant critters.

  3. I beg your pardon. My furchild does not take a crap. He gently lowers a magnificent memory of himself.

    Besides, we pick it up.

  4. Well, he must be low to the ground to gently drop a memory. As far as those I observed, the memory remained.