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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

The Pain Chronicles

This is night three of waking at 10:30 pm, with annoying to sharp pain in my leg, back, knee....wherever. It keeps me awake for a few hours, subsides enough to where I fall asleep and wakes me again at 3:30. It seems to be better tonight, but the night isn't over.



  1. I'm at the age where a couple of advil before bed is like a miracle of the modern age.

  2. Doctor Lotta Joy here. Is the pain in your muscle or bone...

    If it feels like it's muscle, it could be a blood clot. It could be constricture of your blood vessels, causing a loss of oxygen and resulting in charlie horses.

    I would do what you're doing, trying to wait it out. But I'm an idiot.

    It could be something that you need to see a doctor for. He would check the veins in your ankles for a good pulse.

  3. I went to the doctor last Tuesday. I was prescribed a prescription NSAID that helped, but it's appearing the problem will involve more investigation.

    My next appointment is next Tuesday, or sooner if I've had enough.

    The pain is not specific to any one area, except my left leg, buttocks and lower back. It moves and the front of my right thigh has a spot that is numb. What really has bothered me is that there is almost no pain during the day, but at night, after I'm off my feet, it comes and can be beyond distracting.

    If I had to make a guess, I'd say I have something wrong with one of the discs in my back. A nerve has pressure and reacts with pain signals that indicate different areas than where the actual problem exists.

    From what I've read, my problem isn't a medical emergency unitil I have more concerning symptoms, such as loss of bladder control or debilitating weakness in my leg.