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Thursday, June 14, 2012

FNG's and Interpreting

We have some new hands, who are willing but ignorant as a box of rocks. They've had little exposure to my type of work and what I'm sure sounds like a second language. They don't understand what Type D means, or a tenth, or percent of slope, or water shed, or safety end treatment, or RCP.....the list goes on forever. I'll have to get them through the basics, like grade rod, asphalt lute rakes, tack oil, pinching the edge and the reason you constantly dip asphalt tools in diesel.

I hope my patience doesn't wear thin, especially if I have to keep reminding them that working next to traffic is more dangerous than it appears. That's one of those things I don't repeat but once or twice. I'd rather fire someone than pull them from the grill of a truck.

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  1. There are too many competent people needing jobs to choose ones incapable of DOING the job. This just makes YOUR job harder.