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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Figuring Things Out

Yesterday, at work, I spent a good portion of the day on uneven ground and changes in grade. This morning, when I took the first step out of bed, the dull ache in my leg became a sharp pain from my lower back, across my butt, down the front and back of my leg and around my knee cap. This, from what I've read, is Sciatica, or maybe Spinal Stenosis and it could be a tumor. If I had to describe the pain, I'd say it feels like an ice cold rod stuck through my right femur and connected to a taser.

As I've written: getting old is not for amateurs. If I known this would happen, I'd taken better care of myself when I was younger.

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  1. Joe and I walk like zombies when we first stand up due to pain and crackling noises. Old age is definitely for the young and strong.