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Sunday, February 2, 2014

A Challenge

I don't watch sports. I've played, competed, like the idea of moving about and have no problem with the people that do. It's one of those preference things. I have other things I'd rather watch, when I rarely watch television.

I liked the show NCIS. It was a favorite and I'd watch every Tuesday if the opportunity arose....until I started being completely pissed at the broadcast networks and realized the exist because I watch.

So, I quit watching. I refuse to contribute in any way to the alphabet networks because of their participation in the degrading of the Constitution. Most probably do so in ignorance, but that doesn't matter. They're accountable and I can't forgive them for the likes of Dan Rather and Walter Cronkite. Both I consider as traitors and a less polite society would have punished them for the transgressions.

One of the broadcast networks will broadcast the Super Bowl today. They'll reap millions, the NFL (anti-gun by the way) will reap millions and they'll do so with the willing participation of those that have been harmed most by the result of their efforts.

I don't have elaborate on what my challenge is. I think it will be ignored and the rationalization will  be thick on this one.

Good luck. The United States is in a terrible predicament due to apathy and the unwillingness to do the the little things that lead to the big ones.


  1. I would accept your challenge except for the fact that it is not a challenge for me. My TV hasn't been on since sometime last year (or maybe longer - I'm not really sure) and I haven't watched any sports event for longer than I can remember. I got irritated first with commercials. There were the ones showing people dancing in shopping malls before Christmas, telling me that Christmas was all about spending money, and then the ones telling me that I needed to take a pill for this ailment and a pill for that ailment - never mind that the side effects would probably kill me. The last time my TV was on, I turned it off in disgust after watching some talking head singing the praises of the current administration. I guess that my lack of television watching could be considered my own little protest.

    1. I find television is mostly mind-numbing blather. News is abbreviated, or politicized; commercials can make no sense, or insult my intelligence; many series glorify deceit, or portray bad behavior as acceptable; and much of the money collected is used to tear down a great nation.

  2. I watch some satellite tv, and very little broadcast. My mom (an ardent Obama supporter) gets frustrated each time she asks me, 'Did you see such-and-such on the news?' Ummm, no. When I point out inaccuracies or the rest of the news story, she gets really mad.

    1. The denial is what gets me. I don't care how big a fan anyone is of the Obamanites, they've left a train wreck of failures and it's more than obvious.

  3. My kids are watching the Puppy Bowl on Animal Planet, right now. And not one of us is really interested in watching the Super Bowl.

    Come to think of it, most of what we watch is either on cable, on DVD, or online, not on the alphabet networks.

    1. I despise the alphabet networks. They could almost insure a healthier United States, if they'd quit hiding the facts and stop promoting the Progressive agenda.