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Sunday, February 9, 2014

How Does This Work?

I'm not a Constitutional expert, nor anything close to a scholar. That's why I'm looking for professional feedback.

Eric Holder is charged with criminal and civil contempt by Congress. The penalty involves a fine an up to 12 months in Federal prison.

It's obvious the President won't do anything. He doesn't care about law and will allow Holder to continue with his lawless actions.

At county and state levels, such illegal activities can end up with Federal involvement. Citizens are ultimately protected from further harm by the offenders being arrested, charged and prosecuted for their actions.

So, we've now reached a point where we have a criminal being protected by a criminal and there is an unwillingness to immediately halt this process and bring those involved to justice.

In my opinion, this is a crises that should be confronted immediately, but from my standpoint, either those that have the power to stop the criminals are part of the problem, or too weak to do what's necessary.

Who has this power? I know citizens do, but when the government ignores the law, citizen actions are just something else they can ignore. To add insult to injury, the current administration is using hired officials to harass those that make any effort and the results are ruined lives.

Can the military do something? After all, all members swear to protect the citizens of the United States and the Constitution. I know that military officers have the power to remove superior officers from command, when they go out of bounds. Is this what is required?

How about the Supreme Court? As a superior court, don't they have the power to issue an injunction?

There has to be an answer. When the current Administration is willing to destroy lives for the simple reason some people want answers, it's time for someone to be held accountable.

The media could be a tremendous help, as when Nixon crossed the line. Unfortunately, they've decided to be accomplices, which is why I hold the majority of them in contempt. They've become enemies of the United States as ruthless as any terrorist. Failing to inform the public, with the knowledge they're doing so willfully, is as foul a criminal action as any bomb.

At one time, there was a demand of honor and accountability to citizens. Officials knew they were allowed their position, only because the citizens were willing.

This is now gone and the rogue actions by our own public servants will only get worse, if nothing is done.


  1. I too am not a constitutional scholar, however I believe it is spelled out in the first article that congress has the authority to send the military to arrest other members of the government when said members are acting outside of the law. That might also explain the purge that's been quietly going on within the upper ranks of the military since Obama took office back in '09.

    But then there's John Boehner, too.

    1. One of the first duties of Speaker is to take the correct steps to prevent a rogue executive branch from doing what we're observing. Boehner failed at this task and should resign.

    2. I am just as convinced that John Beohner is the most cowardly excuse for a Speaker of the House in the history of the United States as I am that Obama has surpassed Jimmy Carter as the lousiest excuse for POTUS in my and my fathers lifetimes.

    3. ^ and that takes some doing when Boehners predecessor famously said "we have to pass the bill to see what's in it"....We're just plain fucked, pardon the language.

  2. I've only known one person that had a reason to tan, and they had psoriasis to the point of distraction.

    I doubt that's Boehner's reason. He looks too much like a vain politician, without the gumption to be something besides a political hack.

  3. To the ramparts...
    SCOTUS won't do anything without a case brought.
    The case must be brought by someone with "standing", someone who can prove they've been wronged or hurt.
    I can see my rights are trampled, congresses authority shattered, and yet that doesn't seem to pass muster.