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Friday, February 14, 2014

Does the Earth Revolve Around the Sun?

If you answered yes, you are among the 74% surveyed that had the correct answer. If not, you might consider the fact that being a dumbass shouldn't make you proud. 


  1. That's sort of scary.....but I can't say as I'm all that surprised. Sad, but not surprised.

  2. When you consider Galileo had to deal with a bunch of narrow minded people as equally ignorant as the Global Warmers of today, you'd think heliocentrism would be something schools would teach in elementary school.

  3. Reality these days is what the majority wants it to be. If they mandate that the Earth revolves around Obama, you are a racist if you disagree!

    1. You're right. They'll wake up when reality bitch slaps the entire lot.