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Saturday, February 1, 2014

So, Where Did They Come From?

I don't know anyone that will admit they find it useful to have illegal aliens in the United States. I know there are those out there that fell is okay, but they're the first that lock their doors, when the news stories appear about how there's a foreign national rapist running the streets. I call them hypocrites and pathetic excuses for citizens.

The first thing anyone should ask: "So how do they survive?"

Many work for your local farmer, that is probably being paid to not raise something. They're notorious for turning their heads, allowing these people to work and disregarding the effect it has on the entire country. That's another group of people that are pathetic excuses for citizens.

Another group are contractors. While most contractors that are on the up an up hire citizens, or documented workers, many don't. You won't find these contractors working on highways, or in industrial facilities. They can't hire illegals due to contract stipulations, the demand for a complete I-9 form and the possibility of losing their license, or being prosecuted. It's the really good deal contractor that you slip some cash to build the new porch, or paint the house and you never ask for documentation.

Many just ply their trade on the street. They'll put a sign, or word of mouth will give them business. People hire them - knowing damn well the cheap price is not due to special overhead - and turn their back on the laws that determine if a person can legally work in the United States.

Some cities have a lumber yard, or a special spot, where illegals stand around waiting to be hired for the occasional odd job. The potential employer just drives up, motions to the worker, a deal for how much is made and they're off to get the fence row cleaned, or a ditch dug.

The problem of illegal aliens would disappear in less than a year, if people would demand documentation before they hired anyone, for any reason; refused to do business with those that do not have the distinction of being a good citizen and letting those that do their displeasure in contributing to a problem that is causing financial hardships on everyone that is legally in the United States.

So, if you were wondering, now you know. The problem isn't the illegal aliens; the problem is us. If you're not willing to be proactive in stopping the problem, then you deserve the hardships that are the result. May your children end up being disrespected, abused and wondering why they can't survive, when they find their adulthood is that of an employee of someone that broke dozens of laws and still avoids being assimilated into American society.

If you don't believe there is a problem, visit a local emergency room and count the number of people that don't speak English fluently; if at all. That's not a group of tourists that happened to catch the flu, while on vacation. Meanwhile, you might wait, or listen to your child cry, while those that can only be described as criminals use the resources you pay for and don't care how much it harms you. They send their money home and if any filters into the public funds, it's not nearly enough to cover the costs.


  1. I can only speak of what I have seen. In my area there has been an influx of workers in the spring when the horse racing track opens and when the lawn care crews start working. I am told that the surrounding farming communities hire them summer and fall. Some are documented. Some are not. Some settle here with their families. Most go back south when the weather turns cold. One of the problems here is that the younger generation near and just above high school age seem to not be interested in earning a living. They would rather drive around in the pickups that their daddies buy for them. Hard physical work is not in their plan. They want to start at the top and are not willing to mow grass in the hot sun, but expect to drive around in air conditioned company trucks, looking important. So the available jobs are filled by whomever is willing to work. Personally, I have no problem with immigration, but feel that it should be done according to the law and not by wading across a river in the night.

    1. Laws are frowned upon by many people; mostly because the exuberance of lawmakers leads to excessive laws and bureaucracy.

      With certain laws, such as immigration laws, the goal is not to confine, or prevent a action; the law is intended to protect the very nature of the society that created the law. A healthy society doesn't prevent newcomers, but it does prevent a corruption of what is good and necessary by expecting all newcomers to respect what exists. Their culture is not considered as threatening, but the simple fact that they left their own society indicates the possibility of societal problems that will not contribute.

      To make matters worse: the newcomers are obviously more inspired, and the nature of humans is to take advantage of what is available and newcomers are many times easily persuaded to complete tasks others are unwilling to accomplish. The trade-off is dependency and eventual subservience, when the those that were willing to be unproductive lose the skills to do the things that are necessary to survive.

      I listened to news report that stated the polls numbers on the opinions of citizens as opposed to those that are not. To summarize the numbers: non citizens are willing to subvert the Constitution; mostly because of ignorance and the experiences in the countries they were born.

      That's a big problem in my opinion. The creation of the United States was the final effort to repeal tyranny by a government that had abandoned the idea that all should have liberty. Those that come here, as well as all citizens, should be well instructed in the events that led to the independence of the United States and the necessary restrictions demanded by the Constitution. They should realize the healthiest of all societies exist with the least amount of government and goal of liberty.