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Saturday, February 15, 2014

Minced Words and Philosophical Horse Manure

I read the news. If the source is accurate, there are daily articles, quotes and opinions that mince words. To add to this pathetic effort in civility and philosophical horse manure, the real message gets lost in Constitutional opinions, litigation hocus pocus and what I consider as weak efforts.

Here's the skinny: The Federal government pisses off money it doesn't have; borrows money without any thought of the final effect; steps on the toes of those that pay taxes; panders to parasites on society; ignores the righteous anger of citizens; abuses power and has way too many incompetent, lying, thieving, small-minded, pieces of puke-shit piss ants in positions they're unqualified to occupy and they probably are only there due to the color of their skin, their sex or because they can suck the chrome off a trailer ball.

The media is just as bad. A less polite society would have a season on half of them and there wouldn't be a bag limit.


  1. I want ear tags....I like trophy's after the hunt.

    1. That would lead to a conundrum for many. All the touchy-feelie, brain dead followers of progressive politics would be so upset, when a few hunters paraded their trophies around on their pickup hoods, yet one word would expose them and they might find they're on the list of what's acceptable.

  2. Don't hold back. Tell us how you really feel.
    And by the are spot on.

    1. There are some really good commentators that write what I've written. Unfortunately, their words aren't harsh enough. Things change quicker when the words are harsh, pinpoint the culprits and anyone that is the tiniest bit unsure has no doubt what is meant.