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Tuesday, February 25, 2014

I'm Not Feeling Very Polite

There's a big stink in Arizona about refusing services due to religious beliefs. They're acting like it's some big thing. Personally, if I don't like the shoes you're wearing should be reason enough to refuse anything.

So, screw the politically correct ass-wipes that believe everyone should accept everyone else. That's not how the real world operates.

And as far as the NFL, keep your Superbowl, stick it up your ass and play it to the wimps that believe football is more important than liberty. May you go broke and have to pawn your trophies for crack.


  1. We have to accept their beliefs, but not they ours.
    More than screw them.

  2. I echo. Screw them right in the what I meant!

  3. I agree the Stormtroopers and Thought Police may not like the cake that is ultimately served them.