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Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Fog and Anticipation

I fell asleep hours ago, laying on the end of the bed. The clouds were thick, the air was heavy and the forecast was for rain.

I awoke to the sound of conversation. As I sat and listened, no words were discernible, but the accent was unmistakable, and the conversation was busy.

I stepped outside to have a look. It's now well past dark, the fog is so thick, the adjacent building are barely visible and two hotel staff are at the stairs leading to the upstairs balcony; too loud, speaking of nothing and tugging at their cigarettes as they disturb the evening.

The temperature has fallen and the air is full of anticipation. The tug between Winter and Spring is in progress. Radar shows the front sagging toward the coast; bringing rain and thunderstorms.

I won't sleep well the rest of the night. Too much is going on and the spell of restful sleep is broken. I'll sleep with one eye open and the other on the door. Eventually the rain will start and chase away the detractors.


  1. Whatcha anticipating? I don't sleep at all at night. I do best during the day. I call it escapism.

    1. Critters prowl and need time to aim.

  2. Sleeping With The Wrong Eye Open. You may use this as the title for this thriller you've started. You're welcome. Just put me in the back credits.

    1. I've kicked around a few titles and think "The Fury of Fate" is the one I'll settle on.