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Wednesday, February 12, 2014

A Day's Difference

Yesterday, the rain didn't end until into the night. When I went to bed, the constant light rain, temperatures in the 30's and high wind made it miserable outside.

This morning, it was in the mid 30's and cloudy. The clouds cleared this afternoon, so I stopped on the seawall before a stop at the grocery store.

Traffic was fairly light, and almost no cars were parked along the seawall, which is something you only see at sunrise during tourist season. It's times like this when the charm of Galveston is felt.

From my dealings with the locals, my work clothes signify I'm either one of them, or accepted as a peer. I find that an honor. Galveston is a major port and the gateway to the Houston ship channel. While tourism is special, hard working folks make it happen and many don't find tourists to be their favorite people.

Here's some photos. It was peaceful just standing, watching and the viewing the ships in anchorage; far out on the horizon; now clear and without the summer haze.


  1. Beautiful! Whenever I have had the chance to visit someplace interesting, I have tried to do it in the off season. Even if I am a tourist, I am not fond of being in a crowd of other tourists. Your pictures make me sort of wish I was living close to an ocean again.

    1. During weekends in the Summer and during holidays, Galveston is a madhouse. No place to stay; bumper to bumper traffic; a lack of civility and almost mayhem.

      At that time, it's like being in a crowded, noisy bar. I don't like crowded, noisy bars. Bad things can happen and I don't like being where they can.