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Saturday, February 8, 2014

Wimps In Washington

The other neighborhood  used to do this when we were kids.  Of course, we wouldn't put up with it and they'd soon leave.

In Washington, they'd rather screw with the citizens, punish the productive and show they're pussies. In the past, such actions would have led to a huge amount of jets and warships to surround the enemy fleet, some practice fire to show they were playing with fire and a general effort to humiliate the offenders.

I'm betting most of the administration is too frightened for a show of force and will go back to their pervert eavesdropping, while trying to figure out how to shave their pubes, without getting chaffed.

Weenies. They're not worth the moisture to spit on their feet.


  1. I say sail a cruise ship full of topless "girls gone wild" wiggling their breasties by their fleet. Either they'll turn around and leave in a hurry or there will be a mass mutiny as they all defect.

    1. That would work. Their pious commander would be sailing away as fast as possible.