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Saturday, February 22, 2014

I'm Insulted.. a multitude of things. Mostly from the mess our government has made of our economy, our liberty and the continuing effort to remove the money from my ass pocket to those that aren't worth the powder to blow them to Hell.

Things will change. They always do. My hope is the cleansing begins shortly and there are a dozens that will find their legacy is spending the last of their lives in prison.


  1. Ah, but the costly powder may indeed be the catalyst.

    1. They do enough damage to themselves, without any pyrotechnics. Progressive thought is a long term failure, has only train wrecks as a legacy and the citizens of the U.S. never really fell for it as a majority.

      I'm sitting, with my feet hanging down; watching and waiting. The eventual pushback will make a boatload of political hacks shit their pants.