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Thursday, July 13, 2017

Fried Chicken, and the Alphabet Networks

Years ago, a local fried chicken restaurant opened. I visited right after the opening, and was impressed with the dinner.

About three months later, I decided to return, so I did, but things were different. The chicken was still good, but not impressive. The same could be said for the side dishes. I chalked it off to a bad night for the restaurant, and didn't visit again for about another three months.

When I walked into the door, the smell of burned grease was apparent. My initial reaction was to turn around, and go back out the door. Instead, I gave them the benefit of the doubt, and decided someone overheated a smaller fryer, and the chicken would still be good. I was wrong.

The chicken was far from tasty. The taste of burnt oil was strong, and the chicken was overcooked. I didn't eat much, and decided I would never return.

As it turned out, even if I wanted to return, I only had a few days to do so. The restaurant closed soon after my last visit, and it was obvious to me why it wasn't successful.

My experience with the restaurant is the same as my experience with the alphabet networks. While they may have offered something worthwhile in the past, they now offer very little, and any news is corrupted by personal opinion, fabricated stories, and outright personal attacks to promote a liberal agenda. So, I don't watch them.

The networks shouldn't be surviving, but they do. Enough know their agenda to make a huge difference in their revenue. The only reason I can see for this is the willingness of people to continue their daily meals of burned, fried chicken  Whether it's from ignorance, or some foolish desire to have access to one favorite item doesn't really matter. It's ridiculous, and they'll continue to be fed crap, until they decide to change their behavior.


  1. Haven't ate any fried chicken from any network, since nbc took "Life" off the air to air leno at 9pm, and I haven't missed a thing.

    1. If more were like you, the alphabet networks would be only referenced in historical texts.

  2. The only alphabet I know is F O X.

    1. I don't consider that an alphabet network, since it's a noun.