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Saturday, July 8, 2017

Light Show

We had some unique weather today. I awoke to a north wind, which is unusual in Southeast, Texas this time of the year. Usually, the breeze indicates a very dry spell, with low humidity. The land cools enough at night for the air to migrate to the south, and the cooler air causes thunderstorms to form in the Gulf. After daylight, the cooler air on the Gulf will migrate to the north, and a sea breeze front will form. This will lead to a line of thunderstorms that can make it a few hundred miles onshore.

This weather pattern is different. The north breeze continued all day, and a line of thunderstorms formed to the north. These storms, if they don't dissipate, will eventually travel to the coast. Usually, this happens near nightfall, and the lightning is something to behold.

Radar shows I might have a spectacular light show around dusk. I'll enjoy the show, and sip some scotch...if the mosquitoes don't carry me away.


  1. Enjoy both the lightning and your scotch Jess.

    1. Thanks. It's around 9:00 pm, and the show is already fantastic.

  2. Lightning hit a cabin up here not long ago and set it on fire. I hope it's just a light show and nothing more out there.

    1. I hope it's just a light show, too. As it's looking, the storms are a few hours away, and will dissipate before they arrive.

      Still, it's an amazing sight to watch as they approach.