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Monday, July 3, 2017

Subsidized Madness

Health insurance is subsidized, so are many farmers, the same goes for some corporations, many supposed green energy products, and foreign countries. According to those that steal the money through taxes, it's for the common long as it's not me. Somebody needs to pay for this crap, and most people are too stupid to realize the actual taxpayers are not endless supplies of money.

Meanwhile, the Progressive/Socialist/Communist/murdering sacks of crap crowd continue to dance to their puppet masters, recruit more through a corrupt education system, and ignore that logic dictates their plans for Nirvana not only failed miserably in the past, Venezuela is a glaring example of a current failure.

Things always change, and I'm seeing some changes happening, but not enough. The demand for accountability was branded on the American system, with the election of Trump. If things don't change enough, I don't think the next demand will be nearly as polite.

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