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Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Gone Too Far

CNN threatened someone that created a video that ridiculed the network, which they found to be offensive. Their threat included "doxing" the individual, which is making public information that is not available without express permission. To a casual observer, unaware of such things, CNN crossed the line from insulted, to criminal behavior, which is a felony in every state, and at the federal level. Considering the report the person they're verbally assualting is only 15 years old only makes it worse.

At this time, enough feel CNN went to far, and the clamoring for retaliation against the network, and their sponsors, is appearing all over the internet. While CNN may recover from their action, the network will never be the same. Revenue will fall, viewership will tumble, and their staff will find they are not welcome in enough places to severely reduce their ability to report the news.

Personally, I haven't watched CNN, or any of the alphabet networks for decades, so my distaste for their brand of "news" hasn't had much of an effect on a network that misrepresents facts, or creates what they call facts, to promote an agenda.

Maybe it's time for more people to boycott the network, and its advertisers. While this seems like a terrible thing to many, the past reveals this is just more of the same unethical, corrupt brand of journalism practiced by the supposed journalists at CNN. This isn't the first time the network crossed the line, and it won't stop until they're made accountable.


  1. I can't boycott what I don't watch already.
    Ted Cruz thinks they broke themselves some law.

    1. By the letter of the law, there was at least one law broken.

  2. I watch OAN and NewsMax. Sometimes I watch Fox, but it's risky because if that mealy mouthed little pimp Shepard Smith comes on the screen, I might have a heart attack and die.

    1. I don't watch much of anything on the television. When I do, and the likes of Shepard Smith start speaking, all I want to do is put a hole in the television screen.