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Saturday, July 8, 2017

Mockingbird Annoyance

This is a good year for Mockingbirds. It appears they've had successful breeding, and the youngsters perch around the house to sing....and make noises that sound like back-up alarms...and electronic noises that start to become annoying after I realize they never shut up.

I'm thinking the parents will eventually chase them away, and the parents will be as before, and not sing to the point of me thinking of going for my air rifle.

I did notice the other types of birds will sing more, when the mockingbirds pause for a few moments. I think they probably feel the same way I do, and wish the children would be more seen, than heard.

Off the subject, but something I found interesting, I had visitors from two dot edu sites. While I may have missed them before, this is a first, as far as I know.

I wonder if it's by coincidence, or I've been found by a research group attempting to study the habits of a neanderthal, southern man with opinions not typically shared by those that inhabit the ivory towers of education. Maybe they'll learn something. I sure hope they do, and they realize the lofty heights they inhabit cause them problems with logic, due to the lack of oxygen.


  1. I have never heard a mockingbird, but I understand they will mimic just about any sound, which must make for some interesting listening. I can see how interest could morph into annoyance after awhile.

    The educated ivory tower dwellers may be studying the ' neanderthal, southern man,' but here we are expected to acknowledge our 'white privilege' and apologize profusely for being the cause of all the problems of everyone who isn't white. Or privileged. Perhaps a dose of reality might help, but I have serious doubts as to whether these ivory tower folks would recognize it as such.

    1. We,also, have the brown thrasher, which probably has more songs to mimic. They sing for hours, which can lead to annoyance.

      With more people seeking the internet for information, the lofty towers are looking more like prisons for ignorance.