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Wednesday, June 12, 2013

A Bothering Thought

I'm pretty sure the majority of people that are citizens of the U.S. haven't a clue of what is written in the Constitution. This bothers me, especially when polls say that almost half of the citizens polled don't have a problem with the government spying on them.

It's not an option, for those that are ignorant. Collecting information on any citizen requires a subpoena, with details that specifically describe what is being collected and for what reason. All of this requires court approval, so overzealous law enforcement is not allowed to abuse the power of law.

So, this NSA crap is getting irritating. I don't care they have a ton of citizens willing to give up their rights out of ignorance, or that a bunch of ignorant, piss-ant hired lackeys in Washington thought it was a good idea. They don't have that power, shouldn't have that power and anyone that abuses that power should be thrown under the jail.

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