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Friday, June 21, 2013

Be Careful

From what I'm reading, drones are flying all over the place and we're being constantly watched by damn near anyone highly qualified people with government connections, or money with security clearances. They're keeping all the images and only using them for satisfying their prurient interests national security purposes.

So, be careful. While you think nobody will see you stop on the side of the road, because there's no exit for miles, and it's really secluded, and you really have to pee, you may be wrong. Somewhere, a drone will be taking a photo, so they can post it on the internet insure you're not a terrorist.


  1. Years ago, a friend of mine was driving the 401 through Canada in his 64 ford with a 390.
    No one around and he opened it up, 150 or so, he said.
    Then he heard the voice telling him to pull over.
    No one in the mirrors.
    It was the plane overhead.

  2. That's not the reason we pay for law enforcement. It's been going on for so long, there are little left that find the idea of snooping as a form of illegal activity.